Aufträge – SILKE AGENA

You wish to have an individual and inimitable painting i.e. as a gift or families property?
Then please do not hesitate to contact me and order a painting. We will clarify in beforehand the following points:
- Theme
- Size
- Price

After our agreement and after I have sent you some sketches I will start to workout your order in original size and you will get periodic information about the status of the order as also the approximate date of finish. As i.e. oil paintings need some different time to dry I cannot announce an exact date of finish.

When the work is finished I will send you a high-resolutioned photo of the result for your appraisal.

Terms of delivery and payment conditions will be agreed individually in advance.

Families portrait (70 x 120cm)

Double portrait (60 x 70cm)


 0421 / 485 435 28

mobil: 0162 195 40 69